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anyone tried the PlayOn media server? I have been using TVersity for quite some time now but decided to give PlayOn a try.


WOW, this thing does just about everything. streaming Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, CBS, ESPN, yout local media and some other stuff right out of the box. plugins and scripts allow adding other streaming services as well. I have added NBC, JustinTV, Crackle, and Movshare so far.


the Downside... it costs money. the site says 40 bucks. but they have sent me emails for as low as 5 bucks if I sign up for a month of gamefly. I haven't been able to find any crack or anything for it yet.


anyways I think it might be worth paying for. If you have a 360, PS3 or Wii and watch alot of video on your PC but would like to get them on your TV. works fine with banned consoles. so if you could pick up a used banned 360 cheap it would make a killer media center. the website say it works with Wii and PS3 as well.

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I've been using this thing like crazy since I got it set up. so I went ahead and bought it with a deal from gamefly.

5 bucks for playon and 9 bucks for a month of gamefly. I already set a reminder to terminate gamefly in 3 weeks. :D

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