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Just got a bunch of computer parts


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The processor fan is running but at a extremely low speed. Now I'm worried that I cook the thing because I smell the freaking gel from the case.


That and the vid card ain't working, when I boot nothing shows on the screen.


Help o.o D:.

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Is this all new parts?

When it first fire up you will be bale to smell all the shit settling in.

Your graphics card should not be doing that - did you touch the case to discharge any static on your body?


The processor will run slow if its not pushing something major if its ideling on BIOS and not doing anything.

You do know how to install a fresh operating system right?

If not dont do it get someone else to do it who knows there shit and learn off them.

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I know how to install an OS. I've never touched or played with Bios though I was told that it should be done automatic.


Yes these are all new parts as well, except for one DVD drive which really isn't that big a deal imo.


O and the onboard video card has a female output, I want to shoot the mobo so bad for that.

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I've swapped video cards.

I've replugged everything at least 10 times.

I've disconnected the HD, the DVD drive, and left only 1 stick of ram in the mobo.


When it boots, I hear a beep (I'm guessing that's the RAM), and all the fans are running (The processor, the PSU, the Vid card).


I don't get any image on my monitor (and I've tried all 3 different connections on the vid card, VGA, HDMI, and DVI). I also hooked up a keyboard and don't see Numlock or lights like that go off. Nor anything when I press all the F buttons hoping the BIO's menu magically appears.


Anybody got any more ideas?


Edit: Just reset the CMOS. Still blank. I love this :).

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It sounds fucked.


Are you sure its all new stuff - what the hell are you building!!! :)


One beep on start up means everything is good, really get your melon next to the motherboard though because on some the beeps can be quieter.

Anymore than one beep you got a hardware problem.

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