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Ellipsis HD - is released!

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Xperience isnt optimised for xbox yet ! It has been designed for a higher spec PC.

You say Xperience isnt any fun. I say there are no fun visuals in Ellipsis at all.

The best part of Ellipsis is the carousel navigation on the home menu and even

then that was a mod for the "xTv" skin from quite a while back.

Many people will have different taste's. Users can try it for themselves.

Time will tell how many users change to this skin as their default.

I do see a lot of mod's to this skin, colour theme's especially.

The views needed so much more attention too.

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Xperience would be compared to a painting, not Ellipsis.

I agree with you CBA.GY, definitly Ellipsis is not really fun but it's simple. And when I said no risk, no fun about Xperience it's because for me there's no creativity in it. It's just copycat and collecting wallpapers with heavy loading.

I will always favor the ergonomics on aesthetics when it comes to XBOX because of daily use. And Ellipsis can be a good start for customization, colors like you say etc.

Anyway, I wanted a clear interface for my SDTV. Others often have too small typos, too.

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GUI's will always be in debate. It's a trade off between functionality and visual appeal.

This is a fine line and we all define where that line is differently. With the xbox having limited

resources, performance must be paramount. XBMC is a very handy tool and has grown to be

a very functional dashboard. I use mine daily for many different types of media as do many others.

How we choose to get from "A" to "B" is really down to user choice/preference. There are many options for

navigating our xbox's and no one particular method is better than another in most cases.

Its down to whatever feels comfortable to the end user really.

I think Ellipsis is a smashing piece of work and if there was less choice, would be top of the tree or

there about's. As thing's stand, there is lot's of choice for the XBMC dashboard skin, so, for me,

Ellipsis misses the boat for a top contender slot. I would recommend people check it out though

as it may be exactly right for other users.

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