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The Crow: Wicked Prayer


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I watched a little bit of this films last night and nearly dived out of my window.


I watched a scene where he and his girlfreind fall out of a fridge and was AMAZED as edward furlong turned total badass!


Fear the crow:



Edit: Some goth web master named "Varsas" wouldnt let me hotlink a picture from his site... Not only are goths fucking morons they are also tight cunts.


Ohhh, ahhhh, owwwww! Run for your life its "THE CROW!!!" SQUWAKK!!!


There was something about Edward punching people and been all dark and mystical that failed to suck me into this movie.


What did the makeup team decide? Did they only have 6 pound twenty to make his entire wardrobe?




I was sat there imagining goths huddled round in a circle going "Only we can understand THE CROW!!!!


I imagined them getting all pumped up as a bad ass GOTH entered the bar to just tell people "Im here to get my revenge."


Then he starts flapping around with FUCKED up goth boots on you know the type, they have platforms about I Duno 56inch of the ground with some metall in places to nail the "Im uber cool moody look" to a tee.


Along with the vampire movies the goths and the emos I couldnt laugh any harder if I tried, 16 year old baracnviz had this to say to me!




And the clothes... man the clothes... Fuck me the poor bastard it looked like a black over large coat nothing more why did they not just put him in a large chicken outfit and colour it in black at least then LOL LOL LOL


Fuck me you have to see this movie even if you only watch the emergence of the crow.


Dam man brandon lee did a better job of this, Its like some fat geek has gotten a hold of the rights to the movie and co wrote it in his basement "Lets make this REAL!"


Oh man I laughed I really did. :rolleyes:


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I know I threw this one at you guys but I was laughing my ass off at how they butchered this poor lad.


A guy at 6ft punching a few guys then drop kicking someone through the table makes sense but a 5ft Edward who looks like he weighs at best ten stone...

This is 2009 the movie was made in 2005 Im not sure what this guy looks like now.

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All sequels to the Crow are shit. When Brandon died, they should've just released the film, and left it at that.

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It's a shame he goes from John Connor in Terminator 2 to Emo Crow.


What? He does? Are they making a new one with him in or something?


This whole thread confuses me, you are talking about the movie from 94 right?




And him ->crowef.jpg


Are the same person.

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It's worth watching just to see him get dressed up and walk out all gothed up.


A scene from the film as seen by me:


Ed: Im going to beat you up!


Korean guy: So what!


Ed beats him up then gets ready to walk.


Korean guy: Will you marry me!!!!! (this guy killed ed and his girl so he is taking the pee-pee)


Ed: Die!


Korean guy dies by having his head rammed into a bug zapper!

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