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How to change the manufacturer info on CoinOPS?


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Hello :bounce:


Maybe i'm being blind or something, but is there a way for us to change the manufacturer info on CoinOPS, that appear on the bottom right of the screen on the frontend?


I ask because many of them aren't correct, with many being replaced with the 'Other' description instead of the correct ones.


Thx in advance. :bounce:

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Oh ok. :bounce:


I usually do those custom builds with different games that we have on showcase for example (personal taste, etc), and i noticed that, even many games there don't have the correct manufacturer info. A small example of what i mean is Lady Bug being by Universal and listed as 'Other' and so on.


So, since they are a lot, after i run all the 1040 games or something of the last dvd i made with R3 for testing, i will give you a list with the games with the incorrect manufacturer info. Maybe this could be even useful if you decide to upgrade the showcase version later. :bounce:


Thx again. :bounce:

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the list you sent are clutter to me....I removed them also alot you say are wrong :D they are licienced to say Sega but made by someone else so they are not really sega games....


but in R4 i have added keniko and one other manufacture back from being other. I dont want to clutter the list with all those obscure names for that I would recommend using an emu with proper naming like Mamedox or HK or Bendermike the roms/manufactures are mame true

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Basically, i go for this info, collected here: http://maws.mameworld.info/maws/


And they aren't obscure names. Kaneko, Visco, Seta, Universal, Mitchell, Raizing, Video System, etc?


If we are talking 'normal' people like family or friends not used to games, those are just as obscure to them like, SNK, Data East and the others are.


It's your choice of course, of what you want to do on your build and your emulator, but an option for us to change the manufacturer info on CoinOPS could be well welcomed, at least for people like me that like the correct info on the front end.


'Other' is nothing, besides also the ones that aren't correct on the NeoGeo driver and so on. :D


CoinOPS is a good emulator to play with your family because it's user friendly, and most of those persons don't know what's neogeo and so on of course, but imagine this scenario: They could like a game by Visco or Kaneko for example, and decide to try more games of that manufacturer to see if they find more games they like and this option helps on that.


Regarding the first part of the list being clutter, like i told you, i can send you in other format if you want. ;)


I think the easier way is the user being able to change that info like you can on the genre for example.


It's a lot of trouble both for me and you if we do this to check all these games, but i feel it makes the experience more 'complete' so to say.


Many thx again. ;)

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I allready know the manufactures and removed most of them on purpose...the main ones are there and all Neogeo are placed togther and NeoGeo SNK as they made half the games for it (it was a quick way to group all NeoGeo together as NeoGeo has alot of fans).


As I say if you want a complete experince of manufacture names every other Mame on the xbox uses the true MAWS names .... I removed them on purpose as there where over 80 diff manufactures and to me thats clutter. Same as what I did to Cats there was over 75 cats origionally as well. To many for what I wanted (it ilocked into the xbe maybe I would think of moving to an xml one day but its not on my list of stuff to do at present)


And yes Kaneko is back in as alot of there games have been fixed in R4

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Yeah, i know they were removed on purpose, so an option for us to change that info like we can on other things, is welcomed, at least for me of course. :D


And i know also NeoGeo has a lot of fans, but CoinOPS, or MAME for that matter, isn't a emulator build specifically for those games and certain drivers, like is the case of FBA in some ways, and other emulators too. i showed today the R3 to a friend of mine and his family and they didn't play a single neogeo game all day for example, since they wanted to relive other memories. It was curious, and it's just a matter of personal taste in the end.


There's no wrong in letting us change this kind of info, at least that's my opinion. They are usefull for people that like to build custom versions of CoinOps showcase basically, because all of us like different things of course, like us europeans don't care much for american soccer or wrestling, and other people like those and so on.


This is just a matter of choice, simple one, that doesn't mess with the emulator purpose, functionality, aspect and frontend, that i really like i might say.


So, here's my thanks again and please reconsider this option in the future. ;)

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Thx. ;)


The xml file or other option that the user can change could be a good way, if it isn't too much trouble for you of course.


Changing yourself all the games can be daunting and tiring, as was putting here a txt of all of them to change, and i only sent you the part 1. :D


So with an option, it becomes the user choice to have that trouble or not. ;)

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