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Can playing a backup before the release date offline


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Can playing a backup before the release date offline,still get you banned when you go online after the release date?


I keep hearing different stories about playing pre-release games that can get you banned.


Other people are saying it's ok to play the game as long as your offline.


And yet other people argue that even if you play the game offline the 360 keeps a record of what games you played internally.So you will eventually get caught after you go online.


Then other people say that if you play the game offline and then before you go online put in a game that has already been released,it will wipe out the record of the previous game.


What is the truth?

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yes the 360 keeps a record of every game you play online or offline. this is stored in the on-board memory, not the hard drive. so you can not delete it. People have been banned in the past playing off line. BUT a good copy, verified by ABGX is undetectable. the recent bans came from a really early copy of Forza 3. and the release was probably a set up by MS.


for maximum safe early play, make sure the game checks out on ABGX. it will not verify until a retail copy is in the database. but if it passes all other checks it's most likely fine. now, create a second off line gamer-tag. disconnect the Ethernet cable, and change the date on your xbox to after the release date of the game. DO NOT plug the internet cable back in until after the release date of the game. this will allow the game time stamps to match the post release legit players will have. and MS will not be able to tell one way or the other.


MS is really only checking on high profile releases for bans, Forza 3, it seems to me that they only take action on games that they have a stake in like when they are the publisher.


But this is all just for the paranoid. I've played many many games before release connected to xbox live. both times I was banned was for games that were most likely set ups to compile a banwave.

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Thank you for the info.


Just a few more questions....today i am flashing my 360 with ixtreme 1.6.

I dl the activate one shot boot iso and burnt it on layer one with image burn on a DVD+R DL.


Can you store wave 4 games onto your 360 HDD after you load the boot disc and the 360 recognizes the game?


Then when you want to play the game you just put the boot disc in again,then the game disc and let it run off the hdd?


I also heard that the new jasper 360's have dvd drives in them that can't be flashed yet is that right?

And what drive is it?

Reason i am asking is i want to buy another 360...a jasper one that is.And i would like to make sure i don't get one with an unflashable drive.

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