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Transfering files to xbox slow...


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well seeing as your xbox is chipped you just made the job ten times easier.

back up whichever games/files you want then take a look at this its a xbox hdd compatibility chart.



once you find a drive that you want just take out the old drive put in the new one,then download slayers auto installer 2.7.

slayers is basically a disc image and you burn it to cdr or dvdr then once you coldboot the disc in your xbox.it will give you the choice to format your xbox hdd,just make sure to choose the upgraded option.once thats done you can install a main dash from the disc like evox,unleashx or whatever just so you can set up your xbox to ftp all your stuff back in.

its really simple.

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That's what I'll get on this weekend. Transfering off the xbox is slow too. I got the slayers disc downloaded already burned and ready though ;)

one thing you need to know when you have your new hdd in coldboot the slayers disc.in other words turn on your xbox put in the disc and close your drive.

then turn on your xbox and let the disc boot that way.

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