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[10/2/2009] Batman Arkham Asylum – PC –

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I was referring more towards the review.




I don't want the next Batman game to be traversing through Gotham City. That's what all the other ones did which made them fail. Though LEGO Batman was badass but Batman fans refuse to acknowledge it.


Scarecrow made this game to me.


I've gotten to the point now that I don't like gimmick Joker. I'm more partial towards Heath Joker.


Detective Mode was nice at first but grew tedious since I spent 90% of the game in it.


I personally think what made this game scream for a sequel is all the cameo items of all the other villians in the game and everyone wanting them to be in it.


I'm tired of Zsasz. He seems like he was created to make a more human like version of Joker but failed.







I hope the next game won't be based off of The Battle of the Cowl event. Since that was DC's attempt to cash in and copy Marvel's Death of Captain America.

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