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multipl SVCD on DVD how?


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Here goes...


Ok i got about 4 films all coded to MPEG2 and the same audio.


Some are NSTC some are PAL.


How would i RAM them 4 movies on to one single DVD plop it in my region free player and voila! chose what movie i want to watch?


I figure there is some basic chapter editing needed [like totaly basic nothing fancy at all]

And a reliabile burning programme.


Thing is i need a fool prof plan becasue the DVD's are pretty exspensive.


If you know how please post up :o

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Nero 6 is a problem waiting to happen. I was trying the exact samething today and yesterday with Terminator 3 PAL (SVCD). I still couldn't get it to completely work. I used Easy CD Creator and also Nero Vision Express. Both of them had error's transcoding. So I finally used DVD Lab and also VCD Gear first since I copied the MPEG directly off of a SVCD. However the problem I had was that once it was burned and also since I did a Audio Transcode to change the audio from 41khz to 48khz since that's what DVD supports, the conflict was the PAL and the NTSC. See my DVD Player can only play NTSC, so it couldn't play the DVD at all. Neither was Windows Media Player able to, only InterVideo DVD Player. So I even have a question, how the heck do I convert my (PAL) MPEG's to NTSC? And also my DVD was burned on NTSC, but the vid files were PAL, so basically DVDLAB noted that you needed a multi-region DVD Player to play it. Otherwise, your DVD Player would just give you an error message. :o

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you have to be very carefull when coding NSTC and PAL.

If you code it to the wrong region the playback will be messed up.



I just got threw trying about 6 different programmes there all to picky and suck a@@.


Im going to try nero 6 [i just got my dvd burner today.]

If i figure it out i will sure as hell post up a guide here.


Gamecop, you can make your DVD player region free.



Go there and search the exzazt same model of your DVD player in the "players" section it will bring up ways of doing it, werever its a simpile code or threw some firmware. :o

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