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Mushihime-sama Futari Ver. 1.5 for 360 WILL be region-free!


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For the first time ever japanese developers cave are making one of their games region free.if the game sells well then they have said that there next release espgalauda2 will also be region free.this is a big deal for us shmup fans.

article via kotaku.



heres a vid of the game.



so this could mean espgalauda2,ketsui and dodonpachi da fakkutsa could be next.

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double post sorry.

there is a chance that deathsmiles could be getting localised for othere territories and there could be some cave shooters coming to xbla.but this is all up in the air at the moment.


heres the article from kotaku



heres a vid of deathsmiles which is already out in japan.

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I did get Raiden Fighter Aces but it's the US version. Can't seem to find Raiden 4 anywhere local yet but im looking!

ive got raiden fighters aces and raiden 4 as well,but obviously i have a pal machine so im just hoping that region free hack comes along.

watch this they will probably get pal releases nect year by 505 street or some other random publisher in europe.

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