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What programs leave behind


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Today I deleted two Symantec folders and a bunch of registry entires that were still there from when I had Norton Internet Secruity installed over 3 years ago. They've been there all this time and I never noticed until now. I've been looking into my startup entries to make sure there's nothing unnecessary there, and there it was, bloody Symantec processes loading every time I start Windows when I haven't used a Symantec product in years. These files and entries were still left behind even after using the Norton removal tool.

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Well that should be easy. Find one of the blacklisted keys and then search for that instead of the actual registry entry title :P

easier said than done


You can delete the entire blacklist from the registry, but the app dials home on a daily basis. So, unless you're using a firewall to block it from accessing the internet, there's going to be a problem.


It's a great app, but I wouldn't pay $73 for it.


This is actually the only reason I run my software firewall. I know my hardware firewall is not only good enough but better, but my hardware firewall doesn't let me block pirated stuff and allow legit stuff ;) A lot of programs are easier to steal when they think you don't have an internet connection. Not to mention improved startup times because it doesn't have to connect all over the place.

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