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FB Alpha Shuffle v0.2.97.06 (2009/08/16) released


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Latest version of the "rebel" FBA variant by kof2112.





- Aug.16.2009 -


- updated PGM driver, made kov2106 working. [XingXing]

- improved m92 driver. [OopsWare]

- added sf2m9, sf2m10, sf2m11, sf2m12.

- fixed eeprom save for some cps1 games.

- added 4 players hack for msvc, mshvsf, xmvsf.

- fixed cheat for sh2 cpu.

- fixed screenshot rotation for flipped games.

- added 32-bit clockwise rotation in avi recording for flipped games.

- changed directories are created automatically only when needed.

- rewrote romset audit, now it's faster. (also improved old audit method)

- added "Use old audit method", enable this if encount problem in new method.

- improved scale method for preview images.

- added driver config to gamelist dialog and removed hardware tree list.

- added "No icons" option to gamelist dialog.

- added display bosses snapshot to game selection dialog. (http://www.progettoemma.net/snaps/)

- added a new custom resource res/misc.bmp.

- added load cheat and gamelist with UTF8(BOM) format.

- added configurable hotkeys, based on FBA-RR. (http://code.google.com/p/fbarr/)

- added select audio device.

- added select display adapter for fullscreen.

- changed use software vertex processing for D3D9 biltter by default, so that some intgrated display cards can use D3D9 output.

- added "Use hardware vertex processing" option for D3D9 biltter.

- added tiny message display for D3D9 blitter.

- added pixel filters for D3D9 biltter and removed old shaders.

- added motion blur effect for D3D9 biltter.

- added experimental OpenGL biltter. (no OSD)

- added VSync support for all biltters. (Thanks to Dante, lzsgodmax, k600c for testing)

- added contrast/brightness and other color adjustment.

- added Null sound output.

- added OpenAL sound output.

- rearranged audio buffer size dialog.

- updated libpng library to 1.2.38. (http://libpng.sourceforge.net)

- removed PNGlib, use libpng to load png from file and memory.

- changed save neogeo and cps2 decrypted roms to exe folder.

- changed config file from ini to xml.

- removed "Disable CRC && size check" option.

- removed "save preview" option.

- removed "Auto-save input mapping" and "Save input mapping now" options. (it will be saved automatically after closing input mapping dialog)

- removed DirectDraw SoftFX blitter.

- removed RGB effects from Direct3D7 blitter.

- removed "Force image to SoftFX size" option.

- removed display status icons.

- removed all asm sound support functions.

- fixed many minor bugs.

- updated romsets to match MAME 0.133u2.


Thanks to EGCG forum.

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