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Big problems


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*Sniff sniff* I smell a problem I bet I can solve...


Ram related? Yes

Is it THE RAM? No


Is the Northbridge? More than likely


Do DIS! UNDERclock your RAM, yeah you heard me.....


Everything good? You better get a better cooling solution for your Northbridge OR your Northbridge is just plain not playing nice with your RAM.

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If it is the Northbridge wouldn't underclocking the CPU probably help more than underclocking the RAM? I suppose both would help but it seems like underclocking the CPU would help more. You could try running your CPU 1:1 with your RAM to make things easier as well.


I had a set of dying RAM I kept alive by underclocking it until a replacement arrived. It's default speed was 1066, I went to 800, eventually that didn't work, went to 667, 533, and then it just completely died, so It's only a temporary fix if it is dying RAM, If you ran all those tests and it passed though it probably is the mobo.


So I'm confused, Do you still need help fixing it or do you not care because your getting a new one? I'll tell you what you need to get to fix it if you give me all your specs if you would like. Replacing a motherboard isn't something a beginner should attempt though because you are going to have to remove almost everything and then put it all back. (Sorry if your not a beginner here, I really have no idea what your computer skills are I'm just saying.)

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Yes, I would still like to fix it, since I'm not getting my laptop till September. However, I also would rather not spend a bunch of money trying to fix it, because I'm not taking it to school with me. But if that's what it comes to, I'll be able to, since I built this computer as well as a few others, so I know what I'm doing there. Not too sure how to underclock the RAM, unless it's just a setting in the BIOS. (never really messed with over/underclocking except a tiny bit with my gfx card)


I'd also like to know why my wireless card won't work with Ubuntu, even though I have the right drivers (that have worked with Linux and ndiswrapper before).


Also, my comp specs:

Original specs

Upgrades I've made since then

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I would agree with Robert that a bad cap on the motherboard would seem to be the most likely cause. I would check every cap on the board thoroughly as they can be difficult to detect. Some blown caps do not ooze electrolyte and may only bulge on the top slightly or may blow out from the bottom and look perfectly fine at first glance.


Another likely issue could be your video card. If you board has an on-board card, I would consider removing your dedicated card and dropping down to it temporarily or if you have another compatible video card laying around, swap them to see if the issue improves.

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