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[07/29/09] Kings Of Fighters XII

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Random info: It takes 16~17 months to fully animate one character with an artist team consisting 10 people all working simultaneously to complete it. Now there's 22 characters fully developed in KOF13, a typical KOF roster is about 38 to 42 characters big, the game was announced in 2008, the game has been in development since late 2005-early 2006.


Pretty easy to see where I'm going with this. At the current rate, if they decided on a full KOF roster, it would still be the same as we see it now, characters having few moves and 1 DM, but with 35 sum characters with a due date of about 2011.

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Not really. Junk data is junk data and SNK is in famous for leaving a bunch of data in their games with no real relevance of what might show up in the next game.

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