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Transmission 1.73 released

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BT client. Get it HERE.


All Platforms


- Fix bug where user-configured peer limits could be exceeded

- Use less memory in some high-peer situations

- Better estimation of time left to download

- Support supportcrypto and requirecrypto flags in http tracker announces

- Update to newer snapshots of libnatpmp and miniupnpc

- Make DHT a compile-time option




- Use GDK-safe versions of g_idle_add() and g_timeout_add*()

- Save some space in GTK+ >= 2.16.0 by not building SexyIconEntry




- Fix bug that crashed Qt client when setting alternative up/down speeds




- Add umask support


Web Client


- Inspector and Add Torrent buttons for iPhone/iPod Touch

- Add location field to inspector




- Some torrent files created with transmission-cli were invalid

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