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I need help on installing a graphic card.

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I am going to replace a new graphic card on my Intel chipset family (never knew before what the hack is that). Because it’s very low level card if I compare with my other parts on same pc, e.g.core2duo processor, 2 GB RAM, 250 HD. My new card is nvidia geforce 8400m gs, 256mb(PCI) Another thing is , there is no separate card I mean the card which came with pc; it’s attached to the mother-board, and cannot be separated. However there is a PCI slot left empty and I guess that’s a clue for the motherboard that support PCI.


So my real question is how can I replace this, actually I did before but screen flashing and there no other things visible. When I plug monitor on my new installed card the screen stay black. What I can do now? I Needs some instruction please, before I proceed again.



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I heard about the uninstall driver and I also did it, but when I restart pc, the following problems occurred. But don’t know if there anything I can do with the bios. After I removed the new card the pc back to normal and it’s found an update after installed, I saw it’s my old driver back again. I need help on BIOS configuration. But how do I get the new driver before I install the card?

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OK I did manage to found the display adapter on BIOS set-up. There three options. Active: 1) PCI-E, 2) onboard and 3) PCI (which is already active as default). So what should I change there? I haven’t disabled the current display device “Intel chipset” yet, from device management on control panel.

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Well I finally installed the new graphic card. Whatever I did is uninstall the old card driver from device manger shut down pc. And then restarted again and entered the setup mode by pressing F10.

I changed the graphic adapter to onboard, because it was on PCI by default. After that I pressed the F10 again for save and exit (the button may be different on other mother board instead of F10).

Now the computer asking about that start on safe mode, normal mode and more option there.

I did press on safe mode and the pc started. It’s not very bad looking without the graphics driver.

Whatever I entered the device manger again from control panel. Then after one not -recommended thing I did is placed the new graphic card with-out turn off the pc. The fan on the card begins to spin. After that I pressed scan for hardware changes on device manager. Surprisingly (for me actually) it detects the new card and a message appear, it says found new hardware and it’s displayed two options. 1) Search computer for device software and 2) search online. I pressed search online after few minutes its start to install the driver, that’s the coolest thing on vista, it detect automatically best driver from online. I haven’t installed any driver for new card myself. Now it’s says restart your computer to take effect and I did it, its take a little long during shutdown than usual. Since my old card disable on bios and drivers are uninstalled, so I plugged the monitor on to the new graphic card and for first time I saw something through the new card. Its displayed some mathematical figure then start normally and its works fine. The best drivers are installed itself and an icon placed on control panel for changing the graphic setting.

So after all I tested some games which was failed before on http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/srtest , now it’s showing as pass.

Thanks for help.

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