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Want to play the UFC demo for 360?

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All you do is download and extract the .RAR file from the link then follow these instructions:


Make a folder called Content

Then make a folder called 0000000000000000

Put the 0000000000000000 into the Content folder

Then put the folder you downloaded into the 0000000000000000 folder

Then burn


So your folder should look like this:

Content then 0000000000000000 then 5451884B then 00080000 then inside that one the 9C02B874A2592D513BD4D7B9D0485CC26CE495E9 54 file


After it is burned it will show up in the games library right under Recent Games



The cd must stay in the 360 and takes about 30 seconds to load after you click on the demo.

Also, when burning name the file "data disc"

Enjoy !!!

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