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NeoRageX 5.2a released


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Arcade emulator


This version fix the bugs found in the previous 5.2 version and adds new games, which are playable in NeoRAGEx for the first time. Enjoy it, because it's our last work based on EGCG versions.








[Games added to the list]

• Digger Man - For the first time playable with NeoRAGEx;

• Jockey Grand Prix - For the first time playable with NeoRAGEx;

• V-Liner - For the first time playable with NeoRAGEx.


Specific rules for V-Liner controls:


*DON'T press COIN 1 or COIN 2 buttons (by default, KEY 3 and 4) or else the game will freeze*


Operator Menu - P2 BUTTON A

Clear Credit - P2 BUTTON B

Hopper Out - P2 BUTTON D

Payout - P1 START

COIN 1 - P2 UP


P1 Big - P1 BUTTON A

P1 Small - P1 BUTTON B

P1 Double Up - P1 BUTTON C

P1 Start/Collect - P1 BUTTON D




• Now the Garou freezing bug in 3rd round of Terry stage is REALLY fixed;

• Freezing in Super Dodge Ball, Gowcaizer, Money Idol Exchanger and OverTop fixed;

• Freezing bug in ghostlop, that occurs in both official & all previous hack versions of NeoRAGEx, partially fixed.



[updated Games]

• [cyberlip] Cyber-Lip (m1)

• [gururin] Gururin (m1|s1)



[Credits for this version]

• Romhack;

• fabiofilho;

• Shoometsu.


Special mention to Romhack, that once again proved being an extremely competent programmer.

>> Get it HERE.


Thanks to EMU-DREAMS for the news!

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