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Ya other board sounds like a memory problem with the bios. Had many a board do that to me...mostly after a good electrical storm or power surge from our crappy power company till I started investing in good battery backups and surge protector.


Now for gigabyte why oh why did you not learn the first time. I too have never had a good experience with them. Always swayed my customers from buying one. I usually got a asus or ecs and sometimes abit or mci. Had good luck with dfi lanparty boards too but they a bit pricey sometimes.

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I *think* I've got it mostly stabilized.


1: I don't think it's playing nice with SP3, I haven't had as much trouble after I reinstalled Windows with my SP2 disk.


2: How many f**king devices need to share the same IRQ!? Onboard video (Now disabled), all USB, Onboard Network and storage controller ALL making use of IRQ 10.........WTF?


3: Installed the ATI Southbridge Driver package (Seems this no longer comes bundled with the Catalysts.....hmm)


Mind you I thought I had it stable earlier too by disabling onboard network controller, and I come back a half hour later to a BSOD. We shall see.

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Here I had my hopes al up, I've got it to be not so much a pain in the ass, but it's still doing the random crash BS with random errors. I'm sick of debugging crash dumps that point to something different every time.


Thank god Newegg does RMA easily and I don't have to pay shipping back!

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Ya never had a problem with newegg and returns. Now get a decent motherboard this time. :D


I did an exchange, I can't afford much right now and it was one of the cheapest boards they had.


The only cheaper boards were PC Chips/MSi/Foxconn/Elitegroup/ASRock boards, and as much as I think Gigabyte is not so hot, you couldn't pay me to use a board from the other 5 except for maybe MSi.


The real problem with those boards are they use NvIdia chipsets and I'm not pairing any of my ATi cards up with those chipsets, especially when they're even older gen chipsets than the 740G on this one.


If I get another PoS, I'll splurge the extra on an Asus board.

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