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Vuze released

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2009.02.05 | Vuze


FEATURE: UI | Config option for max stalled seeding torrents (was hardcoded in 4100) [TuxPaper]


BUGFIX: Core | Fix null-pointer-exception when initiasing old categorised shares [Parg]

BUGFIX: Core | Remove accidental invocation of the get-networks Vuze RPC when running in classic UI [Parg]

BUGFIX: Core | Remove null-pointer-exception in TCP connection manager [Parg]

BUGFIX: Core | Fix subscription auto-download with sites where supplied referer caused error [Parg]

BUGFIX: UIvz | Click area for Friend's "chat thought bubble" was wrong, preventing click to chat in some cases [TuxPaper]

BUGFIX: UIvz | Fix share of vuze content (users could only share non-vuze content) [TuxPaper]

BUGFIX: UI | Column Setup visual fixes for gtk [TuxPaper]

BUGFIX: UI | Revert category buttons to working state [TuxPaper]

BUGFIX: UI | Fixed memory leak in All-Peers view [Parg]

BUGFIX: UI | Fixed resource disposal in config view causing some status bar icons to not draw [TuxPaper]


CHANGE: Core | Remove various debug-spew [Parg]

>> Get it HERE.

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