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PS1 backups with my CD burner?


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It's been a long time since I've made backups of my PS1 games for use on my modded console and I'm pretty sure I used my CD burner to backup Suikoden II in the past. However, I can't remember which software I was using or which write method.


My CD burner supports burning at x1-x4 but can't burn with RAW DAO (only DAO, RAW SAO, RAW SAO+SUB and TAO) According to my research I shouldn't have been able to make successful backups without RAW DAO. :P


My questions are therefore:


1. Would it be technically possible to burn a backup PS1 game using my CD burner?

2. If so which write method should I be using?

3. Which software should I be using?

4. Will any of the above change if I am burning protected PS1 games?

5. Is there anything else I should watch out for burning my PS1 games with this burner?


Here is a system info report from Alcohol 120% on my CD burner:


  [b](F) YAMAHA CRW4416S(2:4) detail information.[/b]
Vendor Identification: YAMAHA
Product Identification: CRW4416S
Production Revision Level: 1.0j
Location: Port 2, Bus 0, Target 4, Lun 0
[b]Support recording method: DAO, RAW SAO, RAW SAO+SUB, TAO[/b]
BURN-Free Technology: Not Supported
Auto-Select best write speed: Not Supported
 -* Note: This information below is provided by the unit, it might be inaccurate. *-
 -* This software does not use this information!								  *-
  Removable media: Yes
  Version: ANSI X3.131:1994 (SCSI-2)
  Response Data Format: 02h
  CD-R Read/Write: Yes/Yes
  CD-RW Read/Write: Yes/Yes
  Read CD-R Fixed Packet: Yes
  Test Write: Yes
  DVD-ROM Read: No
  DVD-R Read/Write: No/No
  DVD-RAM Read/Write: No/No
  Audio Play: Yes
  Composite Audio and Video Data Stream: No
  Digital output (IEC958) on port 1 Supported: No
  Digital output (IEC958) on port 2 Supported: No
  Mode 1 Form 2: Yes
  Mode 2 Form 2: Yes
  Multi-Session: Yes
  BUF: No
  CD-DA Commands supported: Yes
  CD-DA Stream is Accurate: Yes
  R-W Supported: Yes
  R-W De-interleaved and Corrected: Yes
  C2 Pointers Support: No
  ISRC Supported: Yes
  UPC Supported: Yes
  Read Bar Code: No
  Lock media into the drive: Yes
  Currently drive Lock state: Unlocked
  Prevent Jumper: No
  Eject Command: Yes
  Separate volume levels: Yes
  Separate channel mute: Yes
  Changer Supports Disc Present: No
  Software slot selection: No
  Side change capable: No
  P through W in Lead-In: No

A screen cap of the image burning wizard options in Alcohol



In addition these are the burning options that CloneCD provides for my drive:


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PS1 and PS2 discs are not "special", they conform to yellow book standard, and can be copied directly.


There is no special method involved in the actual copy of the disc. Though there are special cases where certain games make checks for copy protection, this has nothing to do with the disc format/filesystem itself.


ALWAYS close a disc with DAO. RAW DAO, DAO 96 and DAO are all the same thing just different hardware methods. It doesn't matter what you use.


DAO - Disc At Once. Writes an entire disc at once and closes the entire disc after writing, allowing no more data to be written. A "finalized" disc.


SAO - Session at once. Writes a "session" on the disc, allowing the rest of the disc to still be used. You can put Data on 1 half of a disc for instance, and audio on another session. A CD player wouldn't even see the data, though a PC would, and would identify the disc as a data disc or an XA disc. You can also close this format, but only when specifically choosing to.


TAO - Track at once - Useful only for making an audio CD really. Writes one track at a time, and doesn't close the disc unless set specifically to do so.


I hope that makes sense. Just copy your games directly to ISO, and reburn, or copy disc to disc. Copy protected games have NOTHING to do with the disc itself really, unless they use corrupted subchannel sectors.....and thats a whole different pile of garbage.

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