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Nes-Controller converter to PC?


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I want to use my nes, genesis, snes, N64 or my GC wavebird, Logitech PS2 Cordless Action Controller, and my dreamcast controller

well I seen some but for GC (and I can't use my wavebird controller), dreamcast, and PS2(which I'm not use I can use my logitech) to play on my PC however do they make a converter so I can use my GC wavebird, logitech PS2 cordless and everything else. I can deal without the NES and N64 but the wavebird is a must. Thanks!!

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Are you interested in making your own adapter? You can make one for all but the Wavebird and Dreamcast provided you have a parallel port.


If you are, I'll point you in the right direction.


P.S. The wavebird won't work with any adapters on the market, the receiver requires power it cannot get from a USB port or otherwise. Theres another issue regarding signal conversion, but we won't get into that technical aspect........just know you CANNOT use your Wavebird on the PC.

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You can't build one for the Wavebird like I said, and the wireless PS2 controller may or may not work, but you can wire up all the others.


The Dreamcast is actually one you will need to buy an adaptor for, as the serial interface works custom with the maple bus in the Dreamcast. You could make your own, but you'd need to program a PIC to capture input and convert the output to USB protocol for instance.


Too much work when you can buy a cheap adapter like this, which may support that wireless PS2 controller too.


You can make one for NES, SNES, Genesis easily with a chopped parallel cable and a few diodes. An N64 adapter however, requires a little more work - http://arcadecontrols.com/Mirrors/emulatronia/n64pad/


SNES - http://www.tolaris.com/snes-to-parallel/

NES - follow the SNES procedure above, but apply the NES pinout here instead.

Genesis - http://ppjoy.bossstation.dnsalias.org/Docs...irectPadPro.htm

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ya I get what your sayiing and it's a good point too. however I like to use my corless PS2 if I can't well then I will have the buy extention cables for my GB, dreamcast, and PS2 regular controllers. I figure I get a sega one b/c it can play like a Neo geo controller you know what I mean as far as the 3 button system. so if they make an adpater just for SNES and sega I would jump all over it and get the other one too (trio) for gc,dream, and PS2

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Well that Trio will cover those 3, the others you can easily build yourself. Except the N64 one of course, that requires a bit more work.


Save yourself some money, put a parallel port in a box of some sort, wire up 1 or 2 serial port connectors to it and put some serial port plugs on your controllers, matching the wires up for each controller to where they should be on the box.


It really is fairly simple.


Inside your box:


Parallel port pins Serial port Pins

1 3

2 4

3 6

4 etc etc







Then you just match the connector wiring on your controller to where it's supposed to be on the box, so that you don't have to rewire anything inside the box to accommodate different wiring for different controllers.

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yes the 3 are covered but I would like I say find out if I can use my logitech PS2 Cordless Action Controller I think I'm going to post up if anyone has tried to use it on the tro. Or I might just have to buy a regular PS2. I wouldn't have such a problem if logitch or any company made a good D-pad PC controller all the ones I had sucked.


As for NES, SNES and Gen well MOBO doesn't come with the opt I'm assuming so I have to find the plugs and where would I have these apt plus into the MOBO? or somewhere else? hm so no company makes a trio for NES, SNES, Gen for the USB?

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