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getting some use out of my modded 360


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I recently got my 360 modedd and its been fun playing gow2 and Ninja gaiden for the lst couple of days but now Im just curious as to what else it can do. I had a original modedd xbox back in the day and it had several dashboards and what not and I wanna know if thats kinda how it is now with flashed 360? is there an avalaunch for 360 or even EvolutionX? also since it will be a while before I have dual layer dvd burner. is there a way to save games to my hdd?


just seems like a waste having it and not playing with it lol.

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Nothing much you can do with it without games. You can copy them to the HDD and play them off it but you still need the disk in the first place, and you need it in the drive when you play too.


No dashboards except for the one that MS gives you. No hacks.


Only other thing you could do is to stream some films from your PC or from an external HDD if you don't have blank discs to burn through.


What about Live? Arcade games etc?

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