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Dreamcast Battery Replaced

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Last night my Dreamcast battery died. So I decided to open the good old DC and change it. I remember there was a guide somewhere around here but the board was offline for some reason. I couldn't wait so I went ahead and looked for instructions on Google. I found 3 interesting things. To change it quickly I just taped the battery on with electrical tape, which I read is bad because the right way is to solder. The next thing that read which seemed quite odd is that the original battery is rechargeable... It looks normal to me not rechargeable. Also I had none of those thin batteries so I used a CR2032. It matches the needed voltage. In the end the DC is working fine and everything is ok.


So even though the Dreamcast is working fine I have those 3 questions.


1. Do I need to solder it so it "works better"?

2. Was that really a rechargeable battery, and won't a normal one burst since it's not rechargeable?

3. Does it matter that I used a CR2032?


These questions have probably been asked a million times but I know some of you are experts on this and I would like to hear the replies from you.

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1: If the original was soldered in, then yes. I have not had to change mine (yet), so I don't recall if it's soldered in or not.


2: The battery you removed IS a CR2032 unless someone has already replaced it with the WRONG battery in the past. So are the batteries in the DC VMU....and the Saturn uses a CR2032 and so does your PC....so on and so on.

They are NOT rechargeable, and neither is the one you removed, unless like I said the wrong one was put in to begin with. Despite what you may find Googling, anyone stating the battery is anything but a CR2032 is WRONG.


3: Doesn't matter, because you replaced it with the same battery.


I have literally a hundred CR2032s still new in the package. So I'm set for life with my Sega systems lol

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So I checked the battery I removed


1. 3v

2. Sanyo

3. ML2430

4. Rechargeable


So will my DC try to recharge the CR2032 and make it expode, leak or something else that will mess up my DC? It's the original battery that came with it and it has blue plastic around it, like a ring.

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