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NullDC 1.03 Dreamcast or Naomi Version + CDI image question

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looking at http://www.emudev.org/nullDC-new/ i have a choice between Dreamcast or Naomi.


I have CDI for mvc2. I got the nullDC-Naomi_103 because i kept reading about Naomi.. then I got the correct Naomi bios (epr-21576d.bin) and renamed it to naomi_boot.bin and put it int he data directory.


The nullDC program started correctly with the logo and sounds and looked right. But now, i dont know how to make my program read the CDI ??


I read in the text file that gdrom2rom needs an ISO instead in order to make the LST files.. .but how can i make the LST files from CDI??


Im sure i made some missteps along the way, please help me. Thank you

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mvc2 cdi is not a naomi game if it was it would either be in chd format or bin or iso. CDI is disc juggler which is most certainly a dreamcast image Use the regular null dc to play your game and itll boot fine. Theres only a handful of naomi images available at the moment anyways. If your interested in playing naomi youll either A. have to get the mame chd's and convert them to iso then convert that to a usuable image or B get the preconverted images somewhere. DOnt ask

i cant help u where to find those

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