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  1. Thank you agozer. My mind is now at rest. -rook (now trying callus as well)
  2. Do they use different drivers (cps1.c for mame)? anyone have opinion about performance in kawaks vs mame for sf2 games? also .. ive now gotten sf2t working in kawaks and mame32 0.64... but... i have no idea what to fix or how to fix my MameUI... for sf2t... has anyone gotten sf2t working in mameUI .127u4 ?please tell me how .. im also curious if people think its preferable to play in WinKawaks for their CPS1 games over Mame
  3. thanks robert for your help edit: once i find what im looking for (buf1, ioa1, prg1, sou1) how do i incorporate it into the game? also how can mame32k 0.64 play sf2t but mameUI .127 cannot? is the buf1, ioa1, prg1 "built-in" to mame32k .64 ?
  4. sft2: hyper fighting works fine in mame32 0.64 but id like to start using MameUI 0.127 for everything. so i think the problem relates to cps1.c as this is my error picture any ideas on how to fix this?
  5. I have mame32k 0.64 I have raidndx.zip, but its simply not showing up in my available list upon refresh or close/restart mame32k I even tried audit, then refresh, still, its not showing. ive seen this with a couple of other games, they simply do not show up in teh avilable list. Does this have something to do with the file "mame32.lst" ?? If so, where can i get a fresher copy? thank you
  6. looking at http://www.emudev.org/nullDC-new/ i have a choice between Dreamcast or Naomi. I have CDI for mvc2. I got the nullDC-Naomi_103 because i kept reading about Naomi.. then I got the correct Naomi bios (epr-21576d.bin) and renamed it to naomi_boot.bin and put it int he data directory. The nullDC program started correctly with the logo and sounds and looked right. But now, i dont know how to make my program read the CDI ?? I read in the text file that gdrom2rom needs an ISO instead in order to make the LST files.. .but how can i make the LST files from CDI?? Im sure i made some missteps along the way, please help me. Thank you
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