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Mame 0.127u4 related releases

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This list shows the latest version of emulators (and files) that are being updated on a regular basis.




Official Release 0.127

Official Patch 0.127u4

MameUI32 and 64 0.127.4

SDLMAME 0.127u4

SDLMAME for OS X Universal 0.127u4

SDLMAME for Ubuntu 0.127u4

Mame Plus 0.127u4

MAMEXT32, MAMEXT64 0.127u4 and MAME Plus! XT 0.127u4

Ash-build 0.127u2

Multijet 0.127u1

MAMEUIFX32 0.127

WolfMAME 0.127

Madda's MAME 0.127

ThunderMAME32+ MAME32Plus! VER.0.106X (2008.9.23)





Story.dat / mamescore.ini / default.el (constantly being updated)

Mameinfo.dat, MAME32 Category-, Version and Alltime inifiles 0.127u4

Catlist.ini 0.127u4

Series.ini 0.126u3

Japanese Game List and Language Pack 0.127u4

NPlayers.ini 0.127

History.dat 1.27a

Rankings.ini 0.127

Unofficial Command.dat 2008-09-12





Full Release 0.127

Patch for 0.127u3a

Hawq's build 0.127u3





MAME Plus! 0.127u4

- folders/Artwork.ini 20080917b [Mr. Do's Arcade]

- [MESS] sync with svn r3288 [sword]

- [MAME] sync with 0.127u4 [sword]

- catlist v0.127u3 [s_bastian]

- updated Japanese list (jplist0127u2_0905) [mamelist jp]

- updated Simplified Chinese list (0127u2_0906) [kof2112]




Edited by Robert

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