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nullDC v1.0.3 (DreamCast Version) Released!


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Will there be some joystick support like in 1.0.0 version?

And please, fix the main bug with controls - it lean left all the time! (in games such as Sonic Adventure 2)

i cant go straight forward with these controls =\.

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Anything on Naomi that isn't on Dreamcast, that ISN'T YACJS (Yet another crappy Japanese Shmup)?


I have a Dreamcast, and every north american game, plus some others. No use for a Dreamcast emulator until one is on par with the likes of ePSXe for PS1. (Then I can put the DC into storage mode)


nm, I looked on system16. The only Naomi games worth playing by the looks of it, are also on Dreamcast. Looks like theres boatloads of CRAP for this system.

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