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Problem with playing avi files from vidgrabber.


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I recently downloaded a program that lets me convert video files into .3gp ones for my mobile.

After installing the program i converted the files i wanted to convert and uninstalled afterwards.


That all seemed ok...but...


Now i am having trouble with files i download from vidgrabber.


What i used to do was if i saw a clip on youtube and i wanted to save it on my pc.I would copy and paste the link in the vidgrabber site and download it with a .avi extension....then i could play it in my windows media player program when ever i wanted to.


But after i recently installed that video converter program for my mobile....something has happened.Now when i go to play the .avi file from vidgrabber i get the following message on my windows media player.


"the source filter for this file could not be opened"


I then click on the error information and it says this....


80040241:cannot perform the requested action.


What could have happened to change all this?


Is there a way to fix this?


I can play normal avi files and mpegs,wmv etc ok with windows media player.It's just the files i get from vidgrabber i can't play on it anymore.

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Download Gspot, MediaInfo or VideoInspector. They will be able to tell you what codecs the avi file is using, then we can try to rectify it from there.



Well here is what GSPOT told me about the Avi file i downloaded from Vidgrabber....i have no idea what any of it means.






Then i looked at the codecs i had and needed and this is what Gspot said.



ACM Base msacm.mpegacm **missing file : mpegacm.acm




DSH DOLBY_AC3 AC3Filter **File missing c:\program files\Dariusoft\video to nokia converter\ac3filter.ax





MPEG2_VIDEO WS Mpeg2 Dec **File missing c:\program files\Dariusoft\video to nokia converter\WS_Mpeg2Dec.ax




DSH YV12 Nero Digital AVC Video Enc **File missing



That #@%$# program Dariusoft vidoe to nokia convert was the last program i installed.And it stuffed up my codecs for playing avi files from vidgrabber.



Any help would be great.


I have had a codec pack called Combined-Community-Codec-Pack-2007-07-22.exe installed on my pc for a long time and that has always worked well.But even when i re-installed this codec pack it STill didn't help with the Avi issue.

I just noticed there is a newer version of the Combined community codec pack now...dated 2008-01-24.I don't know if installing that will help.

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CCCP is good but it doesn't cover everything. I would download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack and install it instead. As you install it you will come to a window with the list of codecs/tools it is about to install. A drop-down box lets you choose how much of them you want. Personally I use 'Lots of Stuff' as it covers virtually every base imaginable. The installer should detect and remove broken codecs for you, but make sure to uninstall CCCP first. K-Lite also comes with a handful of useful tools like Gspot.

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