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Help me please!

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Hi ive reading alot of stuff at this site but its problems here!!!

I freaking love the Dreamcast and i want to play the games , but one problem... I dont have a Dreamcast!!!

So ive download some emulators that i hope works , but two questions.

1. It is CD disc i burn with ?

2. When ive burn , can i use the game in the emulator on the pc ?


I never got the chance to get a Dreamcast becouse i think it never realesd in Sweden ;( , sorry for the noob questions but i have nero and alcholl , just need to know fast!

Emulators , Dreamemu,nullDC and Chankast.

I dono if they are good and dont be so mean becouse i am noob at this kinda burning and dreamcast ^^ im a crazy sonic fan you know.


do i need to backup them to one? Like when you download a game to ps2 and they are like that u pick the first and and backup it and after us dvd dectrypter , or something? but instead you use something els?


Im not going to be at this site so much so add me on msn would be nice that u can help me there



sorry for english , im swedish :)

Have a good summer!

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ive never tried a dc emulator myself but you do burn them onto cd.but maybe you could just play the game from your computer harddrive,again though im just geussing,someone will give you a proper answer to your questions.


now just waiting for agozer or gavin19 to answer. :)

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thanks anyway :)

but im downloading Sonic Adventure 2 now from the website link and i can only download one at the time , and when i have past the limit(no member at rapidshare) i must wait 90 days , and i will download 10 links from there today and its going slow and im on the first link , so... But i hope you get your answer :)

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you should delete the link you made in your first post as your not allowed to post links to wares/roms.

rapidshare is a 100mb limit per day site so if you wait 24hrs then you can download again and not have to wait 90 days.that 90 day thing isnt true.

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use this link and go to the 2nd post and there is some things there that you can look at i think the newest version is there but like i say i dont know enough about this emu.i would just buy a dc and play burned games on it.you can get them really cheap now.





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fumanchu thanks alot ^^

But like i said , im from sweden , live in sweden they dont sell them :( ,

if they did i would buy on years ago , i have always been sonic fan seens the oldies and i have a Sega Genesis with sonic 1-2 :) and my friend have s&k , but thanks everyone anyway :)

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As fumanchu said, you should definitely try to pick one up on Ebay. You will always encounter problems with emulation of any system, especially newer consoles like the DC/PS2.


Before you download anything you should post your PC's specs to make sure you can even run NullDC etc.

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