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Vuze released

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BT client (formerly known as Azureus)


2008.07.01 | Vuze


FEATURE: Core | Added Auto Starting rule to seed large swarms first; useful when many overseeded torrents are in the queue or the upload capacity is far above average [The 8472]

FEATURE: UIv3 | Friend Chat (double click on friend icon to chat) [Gudy]

FEATURE: UIv3 | Friends Online Status

FEATURE: UIv3 | Ability to share content from your computer by dragging it to a Friend [Gudy]


CHANGE: Core | Built-in plugins can now be disabled - it didn't work properly in earlier versions [amc1]

CHANGE: UI | Create Vivaldi views for each DHT in use [Groundy]

CHANGE: UI | Added support for rotation in Vivaldi view [Groundy]

CHANGE: UI | Peers view hostname column now sorts host names by the most significant part first [The 8472]

CHANGE: UIv3 | Finished fixes for the new styled dialog which are now default in Vuze/Vuze Advanced [knguyen]

CHANGE: UIv3 | Added friend icon next to activity entry [TuxPaper]

CHANGE: UIv3 | New plugin bar look (removed arrows, added selectable list all plugin bar views) [TuxPaper]


BUGFIX: Core | Fixed bug which stopped downloads being stored in the chosen directory [amc1]

BUGFIX: Core | Fixed bug which prevented torrent files from being moved properly [amc1]

BUGFIX: Core | Reopening torrents does not delete files when setting some of the already existing files to DND anymore [The 8472]

BUGFIX: Core | Fixed bug which prevented UPnP mappings from being successful when a SOCKS proxy was used [amc1]

BUGFIX: UI | Fixed bug where delete icon on toolbar was not present on OSX [TuxPaper]

BUGFIX: UI | Blank cells are now properly put at the bottom when sorting a table column [amc1]

BUGFIX: UIv3 | Fixed bottom of list views not repainting properly [TuxPaper]

BUGFIX: UIv3 | Remove type headers when switching to date sorting [TuxPaper]

>> Get it HERE.

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