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uTorrent 1.8 RC 6 released

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--- 2008-07-22: Version 1.8 RC6 (build 11564)

- Fix: loading of skins (enabled and disabled images, flags)

- Fix: crash with Change Location dialog when adding torrents


--- 2008-07-21: Version 1.8 RC5 (build 11549)

- Feature: add associate magnet URI button

- Change: handle magnet URIs

- Change: make association check on startup apply to all associations, not just .torrent

- Change: when a file is relocated, do not recheck if it is unlikely the file has changed. mirrors Stop and Start behaviour

- Change: warn and do not load skins of the wrong size

- Fix: logger options represent settings after peer log selection

- Fix: do not reset check_update_beta when upgrading from beta to stable

- Fix: rare http peer connection stall


--- 2008-07-16: Version 1.8 RC4 (build 11468)

- Fix: possible fatal error after clearing peer list


--- 2008-07-15: Version 1.8 RC3 (build 11464)

- Change: move upload_only flag to extension message

- Change: add peer ID for the BitTorrent SDK

- Fix: Clear Peers would leave some peers in the list

- Fix: do not try to connect to IPv6 peers if IPv6 is not installed

- Fix: crash when a download completed and connections were pending

- Fix: correctly reset completed_on and move files for torrent that finish a second time (after unskipping or force rechecking and losing data)

- Fix: cookie syntax with HTTP proxies


--- 2008-07-15: Version 1.8 RC2 (build 11439)

- Feature: 'Clear all logging flags' in logger tab

- Feature: use SOCKS5 hostname capability instead of resolving DNS locally

- Change: move icmp port bind failure message to misc error log

- Change: prefer to resume pieces which are more complete

- Change: sort piece bar column on Pieces tab by number of busy blocks

- Change: stopped torrents now show no ETA instead of infinity

- Change: do not automatically register .torrent, prompt instead

- Change: fix overuse of ellipses in menu items

- Change: while downloading, disconnect 'upload only' peers that have nothing we need

- Change: Do not display infinity for >1000 share ratio in general tab

- Change: improve peer connection priority system

- Fix: send reject messages for requests dropped from socket buffer

- Fix: Bring the window to the front correctly when "Activate the program window" under "When adding torrents" is selected on Windows 98/2000+

- Fix: Reset .torrent file attributes when copying to storage so that it can be deleted etc. later if wanted

- Fix: prevent excessively long multiscrape HTTPS URLs because wininet can not handle them

- Fix: fix column display when RSS category is selected and no torrents are loaded

- Fix: showing of RSS Downloader from category context menu when no RSS items were present

- Fix: include HTTP seed connections in "use proxy for p2p connections" option

- Fix: shutting down when there are deleted torrents to process and graceful_shutdown is on

- Fix: systray icon loading before Explorer is running

>> Get it HERE.

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