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Aion Online

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Been looking forward somewhat to this new MMO for a while now. I'm not sure whether I want to start a new addiction or not but hey, if the game's attractive enough, who knows?






Here's a particularly lovely trailer of the scenery. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/21408.html


Wiki: http://www.aionsource.com/wiki/Main_Page


Release date: TBA, 2009.

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Will it be like every other ncsoft mmo which is full of grindan?

thats a korean MMO staple.

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Neosteam is this MMO I just got into.


I'm assuming the "Templar" is their version of Paladin.


Looks more like a tanking warrior-sorcerer hybrid to me. I'll probably go for that class though. By the way here are more movies to choose from and get an idea of the game.




Link added to main post.

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Well take the WoW Paladin, piss all DPS, plate and heals. I can't stand that. Tried leveling one and it bored me to tears.


The Death Knight sounds more my thing. Tanking, DPS and offensive magic. Too bad- doesn't sound like Aion has anything like that so far though.

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