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Sonic Blastman?

Sonic Blastman II, to be exact. The original Sonic Blastman doesn't even feel like a game in the same genre.

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Agreed with

- Super Mario Kart (best mario kart ever)

- Turtles in Time

- SF2

- Super Bomberman 3


And I'd mention :

- Secret of Mana

- International Superstar Soccer Deluxe

- Lost Vikings 1, 2

- Parodius (silly fun scrolling shooter)

- Top Gear 1

- Joe & Mac (don't know anymore if #1 or #2)

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Me and my friends enjoyed the simultaneous 2-player mode of Super SmashTV. Was a combination of helping each other out whilst still competing for the best score, risking crazy runs past hordes of badguys just to claim the points from a big screen tv.

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