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Visual PinMAME / PinMAMEW / PinMAME32 1.60 released

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This release sees an update to the HC55516 sound chip used for speech/FX on

all WMS games from Gorgar up to Twilight Zone. Static noise and distortion

levels are reduced, and generally sound reproduction is clearer than before.

At the same time, Bally's "Xenon" and "Flash Gordon" using the vocalizer

sound board was increased in speech volume.


A fix was added for "The Sopranos" so the game will not crash any longer

after starting the "Bing!" mode, or the Boss mode.


And finally, with the addition of "Hoops", the Gottlieb collection is finally

complete in PinMAME, with the exception of some kits (like Amazon Hunt II)!




*** CORE/CPU ***

Changes applied to sound reproduction of HC55516 chip

Fixed memory reads for Whitestar games (eg. The Sopranos)

Added support for some Bally prototype games



Added Gottlieb Hoops (thanks to Ingo Kramer and Armin Bernemann)

Added Bally Eight Ball Deluxe prototypes (thanks to Kelley)

Added Williams Star Trax prototype (thanks to Kelley)

Added Shuffle Inn (minus one sound rom)

>> Get them HERE.

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