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Can we expect another XBOX 360 price drop soon?


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the european price-drop has already happened,a few weeks ago.here in the uk the premium dropped by £50.

gc concerning your question about flashing,there is apparently a new drive out,some kind of weird hybrid of an existing drive,think that one needs a chip.best bet is to get one with a ben-q drive,best for flashing the firmware and its the quietest drive as well.

Oh, wow. Another hybrid... damn. Can you link me to more information about this?

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Is the Black Elite free of Red Rings?

The red rings are prone to the old Zephyr motherboards, but the new Falcon motherboards are a lot less prone as they generate less heat. All new XBOX 360's, regardless of model (ex: Black Elite, Pro, Arcade), should have the Falcon motherboard. However, there is going to be an even cooler motherboard coming out soon. I'm not exactly sure when the timeline is though.


What I'm curious though is if M$ has taken any recent steps to stop the firmware flashing of their latest XBOX 360's with BenQ drives? :o

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