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Firestorm thread


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Um, Im not sure if anyone have heard of it.. you should for its the only palm prc that dare claim to play gba roms on ur palm OS5.

Homepage is here.


Hopefully there are some who have it and used it.

Im havin som probs with my palm centro and im wondering if someone could help with this resetting issue it keeps doing every time im about to play a gba rom.

Help would be most loved...

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does the centro have the specs to run it? the centro is pretty underpowered compared to other palm 5 smartphones. palm is dead dead dead anyways.


EDIT: lol i just looked at the homepage and they are charging for an emulator...18 bucks hahaha.

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the demo lets u play only one game and thas all i needed...

So a cnetro, even though, it has the same OS 5, it's not as powerful as a treo?

the centro is kinda a budget smartphone. the treo 755 runs rings around it. but it costs way more too. I doubt GBA emulation would run any good anyways. my i730 is a powerhouse and barely runs gba for WM5.


the demo doesn't allow using savestates or accessing in game saves either. so basically unless you wanna start at the beginning every time.......

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