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My new interesting Life!

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i haven't posted for a while as i have started a new job and an MSc in information systems. very hard work!

i am going to buy a new Pc base what odo you guys think of this?


AMD Athlon XP 3000+ Processor


120Gb Hard Drive

DVD & DVDRW separate Drives

128Mb FX5200 Graphics

1 Firewire Socket

56K Modem

Windows XP Home Operating system

Works v 7.0 plus many more

1 Year Free Onsite Guarantee

should run H2!

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Which is now for release in november some time......

This year or next? :)


I heard April 2004 :(

Wouldent suprise me...


Wouldent suprise me if they only do an X-Box version as well[ release that first]

If they do i hope someone really does hack there sites :)


We can hope for X-Box emulation i guess.



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