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Enough of your useless chatter

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You should listen to his music, I don't know your tastes on music, it's a roller coaster of electro,ambient,and symbolic messages. Don't have to follow a artist's belief's over music industry to like his crap.


Also, why is it a bad thing that he's trying to get more profit then the already wealthy? Last I checked, that's the point of business, no need to bash his plan. It's true there is no paranoia in your post, but you are insulting the dude as if he's committing a sin.


This line is from memory, but I don't recall him saying "Stealing music is ok", but rather "Music industry tends to flock both the artists and the consumer", which is true. Another thing, you don't seem to follow your belief's as well, so...... why bother arguing?


I stay with my previous statement, OWNED. (But don't take offence, if you know me by now and I assume you do, you know I'm only saying this line to flock around, so you might as well ignore it completely and just comment on my other lines).


No offense either, I'm just having a bad week. I just don't see how anything said counters my argument... I dunno if Axl got my point or not but I don't see the 'ownage' in any case.


My problem is that he is trying to do the same thing as iTunes; make money. I don't care about percentages of revenue going to artists etc.. he is selling something- pure and simple. By supporting downloading music he is trying to get a bit altruistic when all he is really doing is tickling the ego of every guy on the net who has ever pirated a track and wanted to be told it was 'OK', which is what I don't like.


One more thing... which of my beliefs am I not following? Do you mean how I think stealing music is wrong? Are you saying that everyone who does do it thinks its the right thing to do?

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All I can say is that I'm not an artist, so I'm not the person to judge really. All I know is that any music you consider is good then they are the music valuable to you so pay for it instead of downloading it for free!

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Disclaimer: apologies if this post may not make sense, I'm rather stoned at the moment.




1. What I was trying to say is that you're being a hypocrite although I tried veiling it as I did not want to come across as insulting. I'm merely pointing it out, no offense. You don't necessarily have to think it's right to pirate music, but if you say it's wrong and still do it, that makes you a hypocrite. So it kinda comes across as weird when you're saying "he agrees with the way I consume music" and "Stealing music is wrong" in the same post, savvy? That's what I was trying to say. This was not necessarily meant as a counter-argument but rather as a more "preachy" reply, meaning that how can you stand by your point of view and expect us to respect it when you're not. Again, no offense.


2. Yes, he is trying to make money. Every person and his dog on the planet is trying to make money one way or another, because that's the way society fvcks us up. The problem here lies with how he does it. And that is by being honest about it. I can respect that and would gladly shove my hand into my pocket knowing that I'm rewarding him, his artist(s) and myself at the same time. He's not trying to backstab me or his artists.


Now if I were to buy stuff from a major label, I'd get usually get the satisfaction (back in the old days anyway, these days they try finding new ways of forcing you to buy their sh!t, or inflicting your computer with DRM status ailments) but the artist wouldn't be receiving much back, it would all go to the greedy bastards that run their respective shindigs. Do you think that motivates the artist much? I seriously doubt it. Poor artists die unknown most of the times. He/she/them would eventually not make any more music for me to consume, hence no further satisfaction on my part.


3. You say he's tickling the ego of pirates who want to be told it's OK to pirate. I have never actually met such a person (which does not mean they don't exist, and even if they do, by my reasoning that would make them horribly naive). Yes, we know pirating is wrong but we do it anyway, each with our own different reasons. That's not the problem. The problem is raising awareness of all the sleazy sh!t that happens in the background. This guy managed to open my eyes a bit, just enough for me to do some more research and stop being ignorant about this fact. I don't agree with people being shat on. That would also make me a hypocrite to a certain extent, but the fact remains that piracy is minor when compared to the bullsh!t they're being force-fed by their own contractors.


4. I may have exaggerated on the paranoia bit, but what I meant to say is that I wouldn't take it so personal when someone is trying to do what the guy did. It does not automatically mean he's trying to scam you with a fancy new system or reverse psychology or God knows what else.




1. I utterly failed to see the how the "robber" analogy connects to the topic at hand. Maybe because of my above described condition. Or the fact that banks provide a service, robbers provide a disservice. This is not a question of "is piracy right or wrong?" it's about the artists and the major label records who scam both them and the consumers.


2. You say you don't care if the artist isn't making money. I find that utterly dreadful. If all people were to think like you, we'd really end up listening to exactly the same music because it would be so tearfully limited.


3. If I think a song sucks, I won't download it. What's the point in downloading something I don't like? :)

You are right, this isn't a battle between me(the consumer) and iTunes. Because iTunes and any other similar service are just a tool used by the root of the problem. It's a battle between me and my would-be allies, the artists, against the major record labels, the actual seed of evil, that are trying to fvck both of us up.


Complaining doesn't lead to anything, ever (except if you're a WoW player and enough members of your class whine hard enough for buffs for you or nerfs for the other players/classes). Taking a pro-active stance and doing something about it, in this case pirating for consumers, and alternative music distribution methods for the artists is what chills the corporate buckets of sh!t's spines. It's the reason the MAFIAA is trying so hard to shut piracy down. We're tearing down their shiny golden castle built upon deceit, gluttony and the blood, sweat and tears of others.


4. Regarding the game/song bit, I, as a (hopefully) future game designer, will be uploading the games that I make to a P2P network myself in addition to distributing it through some other methods, rather than contracting a publisher. I don't know about others but the fact remains that I know to a certain extent that piracy does not have the utterly soul-crushing effects the mainstream, corporate flocks and the media are saying it has.


Apologies for the wall of text, I feel the need to talk to someone intelligent at the moment. Must be the grass.


And finally, on a lighter note, not everything is so black and white as you guys envision it to be. We'd all be a bunch of mindless tools or robotrons if life were like that.

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You know, if I hit it big, i'd do the radiohead model. Pay what you want. I'd never do this unless I was off a label or putting out some of the rarest sessions never heard out of my dat tape collection.


This is an impressive sale's pitch.

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