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What a weird thing to sell at a gas station


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So theres this gas station by me that for awhile now has been selling Ephedrine. You can buy it in small boxes (I'm pretty sure it comes in pill form, since its behind the counter and locked in a box you can't really get a good look at it) after signing a form and showing your ID proving that you are at least 18 (it might be 21 I don't know).


Why in the hell would anyone want to buy some Ephedrine? It's such a weird thing to want to buy and take yourself, it's my understanding that its one of those dated medicines that isn't really used for anything much anymore. Are people trying to use it as some kind of extreme energy/concentration pill? It's right next to the caffeine/dieting stuff like Stacker 3s and Hornets.


I'm pretty sure this is a trap though, You have to show your ID and fill out a form to get it? Ephedrine is a key component in making crystal meth. I think theres supposed to be some big meth lab around here somewhere too, so what did they set up this thing at a gas station where people can start buying themselves pretty dangerous drugs just so a cop can go collect forms every morning or whatever to eventually lead to an arrest....maybe....if the person is stupid enough? This gas station is pretty close to where the meth lab supposedly is, but this meth lab story was told to me by a cop and could have been complete bullshit and he might have been using it as an excuse to search the car or something (haha but he did call for backup).


anyway, I can't find the crap for sale ANYWHERE else, gas station wise anyway, I don't really have time to run around looking for something I have no interest in buying.

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and wrap it up in present wrapping with a bow on it and give it to the police once they get there.


funny, how 2 counties away from here, there was a meth lab, done by 4 members of the police force, it was found out after another police started smelling some bad smells

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Well then...I have seen a few gas stations around here selling some ephedrine. A few, too. Not just one. My sister used to take it, and she got really skinny, but then she didn't look so good, so she stopped, that and she started to not feel so well. Another thing, the reason as to why it's illegal is because of that baseball player who died from it... a heart attack or something. Either way, I just know that it is illegal, and very bad for you.


On another note, the weirdest things I've seen at a gas station were:

Grills (for your teeth)


Pigs feet


do rags

t-shirts (not so weird)

fried chicken (not churches, or anywhere famous, home made)

blow up chairs



And you know what gets me? They sell alcohol at gas stations... I think that it's slightly ironic.

You get into your car, go to the gas station, get alcohol (whatever it may be, as far as beer wise), then get in your car and drive... I have known so many people who start drinking the second they get into their cars.... last time I checked it was illegal to drink and drive... ahahaha

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That is strange... But up in North Carolina, I found Pig brain, and whatever animals testicles for sale on the shelf. Apparently, Brain is cooked with your eggs for breakfast. Ick...... Who the hell... eats this sh!t!!!! Some poor ass MF who eats everything from an animal had to come up with this. I mean .... testicles??!!?!?

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