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FBA Shuffle 2007-12-29 released


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Arcade emulator


- added preliminary CPS3 driver. [OopsWare]

- added preliminary psikyosh and suprnova drivers. [OopsWare]

- added gamelist option for CPS3 driver.

- updated CPS1 wof bootleg driver.

- updated CPS2 phoenix romsets.

- added CPS2 phoenix romset ssf2ud.

- updated epos driver, added sound. [iq_132]

- fixed gamelist audit problem for epos driver.

- updated romsets to match MAME 0.122u1.

>> Get it HERE.


>> Read more about FBA Shuffle HERE.

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What I would like is that they give credits to those who worked on the code that they used to build their program, since it's public. They make lot of public coding acquired around the net into 'private' with this Shuffle build.


I'm not talking in a way so that they release the source, I have the original coding from a lot of features it have. and I can make them myself. It's just that it doesn't feel good to be doing something for all and then they take exclusive control over something that is originally public, and btw Im talking about coding & updates released @ NeoSource.




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The guy (kof2112) posts on your forum, perhaps you can ask him about these matters.


My position is that I post the news regardless - I'm not a policeman nor a censor.


Oh don't worry man! ^^, Its not a problem with the news :) hehe , I'm just commenting about the FBA Shuffle


It was late in night so pls forget me for not specifying



Oh and yeah, I know about KOF2112




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