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Totally awesome Wii Remote projects

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This computer science PhD student at Carnegie Mellon has done this cool project with the Wii remote like finger tracking ala Minority Report, making any surface a virtual blackboard, and the best so far is using the remote to create a head motion tracking system to make things feel actually 3D.


Check out the vids: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~johnny/projects/wii/


If you feel lazy and don't want to check out all of them then at least just go to the last one. That one is truly amazing and could actually be worked into games. I would love to see a game using that kind of tech.


I love smart people who through a lot of ingenuity with common items make some badass things.

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that is actually quite interesting, thanks for sharing this :)


I think that I might actually try this out. I'm also going to see if the remotes work with out the sensor bar and with 2 candles :P


I don't get candy for Christmas in my stocking anymore so I'm going to see If I can get some inferred LED's to mess around with, as I already have some bread board supplies

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The nice thing is you can alway buy a separate wii mote without the system (with the shortage and all). If only third party companies start to make them so they can be cheaper. I am really looking forward to trying stuff like that.

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