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The Big ass Street Fighter IV thread


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Yamazaki? I wasn't thinking of Ash but let's include him in this too- all SNK characters with personality are weirdos. Street Fighter is not realistic in the least, but it treads the line been cartoony characters and real ones quite well. KoF just goes way over and looses itself in strangeness. Discretion is the order of the day methinks. Vega, Blanka and Sagat just have so much more going for them than your Blue Marys, Ioris and Oswalds. Motion-wise. Looks-wise. And so on and on.


In fact I think its that excessive outlandish design of KoF that made it almost completely unpalatable and/or offensive to the western mainstream. SF2 caught on in a big way, but Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and the early King of Fighters didn't. Why?

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SNK characters aren't original... they're all just Jpop flunkees or bizarre anime rejects- the fact that Crimson Viper was straightaway dubbed as a KoF style character says it all.


Stop spouting fail old man. Everyone needs to get over Ash Crimson already. :D

Yes, Crimson Viper is the Capcom Vanessa with added flash, deal with it.

Vanessa will always be more awesome. In fact, Capcom managed to make Crimson Viper as fail as Ash Crimson on the design part. :clapping:


SNK has superb characters and everyone knows it. Just because SNK has a couple of stock characters, doesn't make Capcom any more original. You're forgetting that SNK has a giant roster. There's bound to be a couple of those characters you're so phobic about. Fact of the matter is, SNK has awesome characters. Deal with it. Awesome examples come to mind like Yamazaki or Blue Mary, and the list could go on and on forever. Capcom just can't design characters this good and full of personality. Although SFIII did a lot of catching up.

Uh Axl, you DO know KOF characters ARE made from mostly what's popular in Japan at the time right? Ash with his girlyness is an what was going at the time. Vanessa was another thing sweeping through Japan, a tough playful sister type girl.

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Part 2 of the Famitsu interview with Ono translated by Azrael at SRK.


We've talked a little about the game system, but basically you've modeled it after SFII?


Ono: Yes. Naturally 6 buttons and 8-way joystick, and with the super combo gauge. With that, that's pretty much the perfect feeling of SFII I think. From here, its not about deviating from that system, but adding to it.


I see. Now, what exactly is the Saving Attack?


Ono: Ah...I wanted to come up with a system that both seasoned vets as well as new players could easily use. I felt that the parry system of SFIII was too severe with the input and use, so not everyone could really use it. So the Saving Attack is a system that fighting game white belts who aren't really good at fighting games, as well as experienced black belts, everyone can utilize. To keep it simple for the white belts, all you have to do is push two buttons at the same time. When you push down the buttons, the character will go into a fighting stance that allows them to absorb one hit. So its both offensive and defensive at the same time. So for the black belts, they can use this to read their opponents moves, absorb a hit, and then quickly counter attack. You can also cancel the Saving Attack with a dash. So players can enjoy the mindgames there - once the character goes into the stance, will they attack, will they dash out of it - what's going to happen in that time period. However, I don't think white belts are going to be able to understand this at first. If you hold the Saving Attack stance for long enough, the attack becomes unblockable. With this, even the white belts will be able to enjoy just doing the move.


Seems like you've come up with a new system that we haven't seen before.


Ono: Yes. We're offering the Saving Attack as a new tool for players to strategize and enjoy the game, so I'm looking forward to seeing how people are going to use it. Of course, we're making adjustments to make sure it doesn't lead to infinites. But the skilled players always end up finding something, LOL.


Well, that's definintely true, there are plenty of skilled and seasoned players out there. I'm one of them, LOL.


Ono: As a developer I can't support it, but as a player I'm looking forward to it. You guys are going to find something we never even dreamed of aren't you, LOL. Well, I'm certainly hoping that the players will come to master this game. This system is a little different from what we've seen so far, so I don't know how well it will be accepted by the community yet, but, as the commands are simple, hopefully everyone will be willing to give it a try at least.


Since we're talking about the commands, have you made the inputs more forgiving to accomidate those who aren't particularly good at fighting games?


Ono: Yes, this particularly came to light when we were working on Chun-Li. In SFII she was a charge character, but in SFIII she played differently. And in SFIV she's back to being a charge character. We really had a lot of debate and discussion about this. For charge moves, you have to keep the stick backwards while somehow moving around, so we thought that maybe this was suited more towards expert play. But then, there were plenty of people who played with this style in SFII. And then, if we changed Chun, we'd have to change Guile too. So that's how we ended up where we are now. Well, after we release the arcade version we'll do some more research and for the home versions, we'll fine tune it - sort of like a SF4.5. We hope that this will be a tool that many users will be able to enjoy.


SF4.5 eh? So the home version is not going to be just a direct port of the arcade?


Ono: Yes, we thought to not make it just a direct port. But direct ports take time as well. And you know, the default for home players is the controller, not joysticks, so we're thinking to make the commands a little more forgiving to accomidate pad play. Honestly, SFII on the SNES also had more forgiving command inputs, as compared to the arcade version. I wasn't on the development team so I don't know the particular details, but from what I understand, the input windows were made a bit wider. We're also thinking in that way for SFIV. We don't really want players to be divided by who is good at inputs and who isn't. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the game equally.


With these adjustments, do you think the game balance will change?


Ono: I believe so. Well, the "ST base with a CE feel" concept won't change, but as inputs change this will have an effect on movements. If an ordinary person looks at it though they probably won't understand the differences between the arcade version though. If we make the arcade version the focus, then we're really only listening to the opinions of the top players. I feel that's not something we should do for SFIV. With SFIV, we're hoping to bring back all the players who had an interest in SFII, and increase the number of fighting game players, as well as bring back the Street Fighter game.


I see. By the way, in some of the data you've released recently, that Bruce Lee-wannabe happens to be there...


Ono: Yeah huh, LOL. Well, we've got to have more passionate characters. I feel that Street Fighter is a game where you really get down and dirty and fight. Our new characters in SFIV...well, they don't quite have that dirty feeling yet. So then we'll bring out a gritty character to make the home version of SFIV more down and dirty.


However, you're not really taking fan requests into consideration. If you're going to add that "Saikyo" guy, you should be able to add Sakura as well, LOL.


Ono: See, that's the hard part, LOL. When it comes to Street Fighter, the characters people wants to see differs greatly by country. The 12 World Warriors is a given, but we're hearing lots of things about characters from Alpha, Final Fight, SFI, SFIII...so we've just got to take everything into consideration and add a balance of characters.


Speaking of home version, what about online play?


Ono: Of course, it will be online compatible.


What I mean is, will we be able to enjoy internet battles?


Ono: Yes, it will be compatible with online battles. We're also thinking about more than just that, but I don't really want to add anything unnecessary. We won't have customizeable costumes for the charaters. The Ryu that's drawn by our designers, that's the real Ryu. So we're not developing online for the sake of customization. We're thinking about the fighting aspect - how we can make the fights interesting, how to avoid dirty battles - we're focusing on that.


Are you making a fighting environment that users can enjoy?


Ono: Yes. Challenging other people is the main thing that makes Street Fighter so fun. The thrill of victory, the bitterness of defeat, that's the full satisfaction. That's what makes fighting games so great. So I want many other people to experience those feelings as well.


Then, the home version of SFIV will be ready for online play upon sale?


Yes. We want our battles to include the online component as well. And not just online, but we want players to be able to enjoy offline as well. If we can't awake the fighting spirit in all those who played years before, we can't go to the next step. We're not just trying to make this the core of the fighting game genre, but also to increase the base of fighting game players once more. At this rate the community is just going to become smaller and smaller.


So, you're not just thinking about the Street Fighter series, but the fighting game genre as a whole?


Ono: That's right. I'd like to create another fighting game boom with SFIV. I'd like for players to get back into fighting games with SFIV, and then with that, play some of our other fighting games, as well as games from other companies such as Guilty Gear, Tekken, and Virtua Fighter. At any rate, I want to revive the fighting game scene.


But with the additions you're planning on making to the home versions, aren't you concerned about people moving away from the arcades?


Ono: If I look at it as a producer at a distance, personally I want that to happen. LOL. I don't want people saying "SFIV Dash" though, LOL. In the arcades, after a certain amount of time, certain groups or circles of players form. With SFIII we targeted those groups and I believe that really fortified them. But then for players just starting out, it can be very hard for beginners to get into those groups. So with SFIV we're hoping to break those groups open.


By the way, how is production on the arcade version going?


Ono: We're entering the final stages. Many members of the design team have already started to work on the home versions.


I see. So the arcade staff and the home version staff are the same?


Ono: Yes they are. We want to circulate the same staff. But its a little difficult as we can't use the full mmebers.


Also, when will the home versions be available for sale?


Ono: If I don't give you a somewhat distant sales date, the arcade manages will be angry with me, LOL. Well, let's just say it'll come out after you've enjoyed it at the arcades. First, I want to get a good look at what happens in the arcades.

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"ST base with a CE feel"


Your kidding me. They made it feel like CE? That is probably the worst version to try to get the feel too, everyone is broken as hell in that game.

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From the spacing game, it looks like 3s with a little rush down mechanics more involved. A2 has a very big zoning game with alot of it's characters, adding a dash would still keep it to a zoning game by eliminating more parts of the playing field. SA isn't exactly like an alpha counter though, but I believe alot of us will go into baiting the SA with a safe attack and just counter the canceled dash.

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