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Jeff Gerstmann fired... over a bad review?


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From the other thread:

More rumor: An anonymous member wrote a long post at another website talking about his firing and how the separation between the marketing/ad department and editorial department broke down once Greg Kasavin (the previous editor-in-chief and boss at Gamespot) left.



I could never take any of those reviews very seriously. I can't stand reviews that use a 1-10 or percentage scale. All reviews should be forced to use a star system or no numbers at all. It's just so arbitrary. What distinguishes a 9.4 game from a 9.5 game or from an 8.9 game? I also find their writing to be pretty poor and the review style to be bad. I hate how they break a game down into its parts instead of rating a game holistically.


I don't know I'm just jaded at the whole system. That's why I just read independent news sites like shacknews and not sites like Gamespot or IGN or blogs like joystiq or kotaku.

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I think he means in terms of their elaborate online / matchmaking modes. Then again I haven't tried VF5 online so can't say.

Bingo, VF5's is a joke compared to those.


But onward; espeicially with Gryph's mention. Alot of reports are stemming from that source. Also alot of writers a GS are basically up in arms about the whole thing and are on some sort of quiet strike.

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GameFAQs is good in that it offers a wide array of opinions and lets you draw your own average from them.


The bad side is that they are mostly terrible reviews.

Just because someone gave Tecmo's Deception a one because it was too satanic doesn't mean that the reviewers are biased or poor at rating games. :D

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It seemed like he was on the bashing side, as opposed to measuring the game fairly. That, coming from me, a guy that puts it all in for the most part. I understand if a game has nothing to offer, seeing as everything has been done for the most part. BUT... He hit some negative points 3 times or more. I get a sense of... malice. Or something. I am not familiar with him, but that is my gut feeling about that review.


I am harsh with games myself. I demand alot. And I can see how doing this (his review outlook) is hard not to do. (so many games are lackluster) But I think reviews should touch base on both sides of a coin. If a game is rancid, then I see no sense in making it out as a decent game. From what I saw, the game did look quite poor. And his comments about the AI don't surprise me. Id be entitled to regard his review. But still, it seemed so very negative, like he had an agenda. But... the game did looked so poor.


Anyway, I can see this being linked to the fact, the the ads were posted EVERYWHERE! And if the guys who write the checks get mad, I can see this scenario unfolding, just as the rumors are going. It's a shame though, I will tell someone if I don't like a particular item on my menu, I have no allegiance to Subway, I hate them. But I will be quick to tell them that the Chicken Bacon Ranch is good. It's opinion, but I will not lie about things to boost sales or whatever. Flock Subway. You should see my manager, "Everything is good" he says when someone asks if something is good.


Perhaps thats what the MAN wants. "Everything is good" Flock that


Oh, and about the rating systems. I agree with you guys. What distinguishes a 8.8 from an 8.9. It's insanity. Based on opinions and perceptions. I never listened to ratings anyway. But the only people who ever got close to what I thought, were the guys from EGM back in the day, when I got magazines alot. Now all I see is 'niche asshats that bash on stupid things, and fail to mention great mechanics.


I hate most advertisements. And the thought of getting fired over a review, that rated a customers material poorly, makes me think of one thing. Propaganda. It's just like politics. Flock everything, just make money at any expense.

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