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What Is The Best Speed For Reading 360 Games With Xbc?


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I'm pretty sure the system drives are 8x, and it wouldn't matter what speed you read them at, unless your discs aren't in excellent shape. I'd do the slowest possible if that's the case, just for a lesser chance of read errors.

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I've only ever burned at 4x (slow drive/discs) but I hear 8x is fine.


Make sure you use top quality media like Verbatim or Maxell. You'll have problems with other media, and if you're using an LG drive, you need to change the bit type or sommat to DVD ROM from whatever it is to start with.


edit: I somehow thought you meant burning, my bad.


For reading, any speed is fine.

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Well i usually read at 8x and burn at 2.4x .

Unfortunately where i am they have stopped selling verbatim discs.

So i have had to buy the TDK DL DVD+R discs.I was told they are ok.

I did notice that i have had a few of them in different packs that are faulty.

The other thing i would like to know is this ... i have noticed with some games when they are playing an FMV clip they will pause for a split second as my 360 drive changes speed or something as it's reading.


I will hear the drive start to speed up as soon as the FMV in the game kicks in and then all of a sudden it will pause for a split second,then keep playing like nothing happened.


Is that due to the way i burn the games?...the quality of the dvd+r?....or is my drive just having trouble reading the dvd+r?.I have a Hitachi drive.

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