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YabausePSP v0.9.1 test release


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Sega Saturn emulator for PSP.

Homebrew developer SofiyaCat, best known for his work on PSPTube, has ported Sega Saturn emulator Yabause to the PSP. It requires a Sega Saturn bios to run (not included) and is only a proof of concept at this time, so do not expect games to run at playable frame rates.

Source and Downloads: eXophase

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Isn't SofiyaCat female?

She did this with a DS emulator as well. Same thing, just showing she knows how to compile something for the PSP. I'd much rather prefer people porting freeware, open source pc games to the psp. But still, I appreciate anyone working on new psp stuff.

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Just a port, it will be never playable



Thats what they said about N64, and look at Daedalus. :clapping:

It's the same as the DS emulator (Desmume) ported to PSP. It's easy to port an emulator, they can also port PCSX2, but you will not see more.

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