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Penn flocking Station.


Worked there for a year and a few months before I couldn't take it any longer. It used to be an awesome job with awesome people and I looked forward to going to work. We had this asshole manager though that constantly reminded everyone of how stupid, useless, and replaceable we all where though. I can't even begin to explain the stories, I'm sure she broke a bunch of laws of not only the company but of the state when running a business, like when she would get pissed at us and hold paychecks.


Anyway what basically happened was everyone cool got fed up with the crap, and she hired equally flocked up people as her (almost) in their places. So it was all ridiculous bullshit all the time. People working there for a month trying to tell me how to do my job and getting stupid promotions. It was sickening the way they would hang out outside of work and just the way they would act all the time, I don't understand what causes a person to act the way they did, so stuck up and full of themselves. Working 1 step above mcdonalds.


How it ended? I had to call a day off to watch my brother (which I would normally never do, but DAMN ME for being nice to people and trying to help my parents out) I call in to work, Heres exactly how the conversation went.


"Hey I need to call saturday off because my parents are going to be out of town longer than expected, so i have to watch my brother, I had to watch him yesterday too but I didn't work, and they where supposed to be back tomorrow so I did not see this coming, sorry about that."


"Yeah right"


"What do you mean?"


"I just don't believe you"


"What do you mean you don't believe me, You know I don't call off for no reason I have called off twice the entire time i've worked there"


"Whatever have fun getting flocked up"


Hangs up on me, Then all day saturday the managers who thought they where cool with me where texting my phone asking me what I was doing, To which I responded, sitting at my parents house being bored as hell, but they didn't give up and kept texting me and asking, I eventually get pissed and say "Why, Do they have you doing some interrogation work or something?" They played dumb and stopped texting me.


Next weekend I walk into work, my boss immediately greets me with "You called off last weekend so I'm going to be a biatch to you all night because of it" Not a good day to flock around like that, I was having a bad weekend with my phone breaking and a bunch of other crap. She kept acting ridiculous and screaming in my face for no reason about crap (which was actually preventing me from doing my job) I eventually couldn't stand it anymore, months and months of this crap, I just plain asked her. "Okay what are you trying to do here, sorry I called off, I had to, Are you TRYING to get me to quit? I really don't understand, I'll quit if you want me to" She got all pissed and started yelling and I just said flock this, flock you, I'm out. and left, Which was hysterical because my friend who worked there thought I would be there forever because I used to love it so much turns around and goes "hoooollllyyy sh1t" while this was all going on.


They got what they deserved though, because all those assholes they where busy hiring sucked HORRIBLY at their job, there where basically 4 really good people left including me, all but one of them quit the same time I did.


I didn't even bother to get my paycheck for like 2 weeks, When i went in they started making faces and snickering and crap, they wouldn't even talk to me, She even made me wait for her to make a phone call to g et my check, which was completely unrelated to work, It would have been worse if my friend wasn't there i'm sure.


Anyway, I have a ton of money right now and haven't had a job in months, which is working out awesome. Especially since I can concentrate more on college now. Definitely going to need to get a job probably next week though just to be safe.


Come work for me.

What job position you offer?

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