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PSP Development Kit ready to use for Windows Users

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Hi All,


For windows users who want to develop on their windows PC, little homebrew for the PSP, without spending hours or days trying to install cygwin and compile the toolchain, this package is for you !!


You have first to install VirtualBox that is freely available : http://www.virtualbox.org/


You should then download all rar files present here :



You have to unrar the rar archive in disk1.vdi (you need at least 4Gb of free space on your hard disk)


Then create a new virtual host, Linux 2.6 with 256 Mb of memory, and use the disk1.vdi as a disk image !


This disk image contains a full install of xubuntu 7.4, where the PSP SDK has been already compiled, and several other software added (such as the famous IDE Kdevelop, gcc, SDL etc ...).


After virtually booting Xubuntu, the login name is psp, and the password is psp.


I've written a small PSP project (hello world) for Kdevelop, ready to use.


The source code of PSPWrite is also given as an example, with a linux version and a PSP version (but with makefile only, without project file for Kdevelop).

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