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Nintendo Announces a Bunch of Stuff too much to fit in this title!

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Alright, first things, first. Sonic the Hedgehog, is gonna be playable in Smash Brothers Brawl (!!) Along with that, SSBB will feature Co-Op Online play. The game is set to hit North American shorts this December 3rd, and in Japan in January 24th of the new year.


Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 will be coming to the Wii (leaving the PS3 version in limbo at the time), no release date has been given. Update: PS3 Version is canceled due to it's raising development costs.


Mario Kart Wii will include a steering wheel controller. The game will also include motorcycles! A release is set for Spring 2008.


WiiFit (complete with surfboard) is set to be released in Japan on December 1st with a price tag of about $75 USD (Y8000)


A bunch of Wii Ware titles have been unvailed, one which is Pokemon Bokujou (Pokemon Farm) and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Young King and the Promised Land. In PKMN Farm you have a farm... with Pokemon. It's connectable too Diamond & Pearl. And in FFCC:TYK&TPL you create and lead your own kingdom.


Star Soldier R, Doctor Mario (why isn't this a Virtual Console release?) and the Bandai Namco word puzzler Mojipittan Wii were announced as well.


Information is from Joystiq and Wii.ign.com's live blog of a live blog.

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Nice, glad to know Monster Hunter is not a Sony exclusive any more :)

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