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I can't play avi files anymore


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I woke up this morning and went to play an avi video file and got an error message saying something like "windows explorer encountered an error".Then the powerdvd program i was using to try and play the avi file shut down and i was sent back to my desktop.

I can't even right clikc on the avi file and select windows media player to play it.As soon as i right click on it i get the same message as i posted above.

Could my video codec files have been corrupted some how?.

How do i fix this?.I can play mpeg,wmv and mp3 files without a problem.It's just avi files.

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you might have a codec error or your Graphics card is glitching up,

try Google-ing and downloading CCCP(really good codec pack)

I don't see why Windows Explorer would have a problem with it though..



Wait, I know why explorer might. because when it tries to get the thumbnails, it opens the codec to examine and create a picture for you to click on. the codec is also used to get information on the movie, so yeah, you probably have a codec fault

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yeah thats what i would do, but if you ever need to edit anything your going to need the codec, so i took the safe route and got codecs and VLC (the thing plays damn near everything, including certain currupt files)


Oh and by the way to save system resources and prevent this from happening download XP-AntiSpy, and one of the tweaks in there will disable AVI previewing so it doesnt have to get those stupid first frame thumbnails (which are always black anyway lol)

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